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featuring some of our own top talent; authors, actors, elite athletes, lifestyle experts, health and fitness experts, trainers and consultants, economists, celebrity chefs, fashion and beauty experts, inventors, business leaders  and others.

Our experts are in demand by a wide range of organizations and venues. Let us know your specific needs and budget and we will work hard and partner with you, using our signature good judgment and taste to find the best speaker, spokesperson, expert, trainer or celebrity to help you to make your event, facilitation or retreat a “win” for your organization, and its audiences.

To ensure that you have the best experience in every way, we have partnered with top Speakers’ Bureau, www.speakers-network.com representing America’s leading journalists, entertainers and thought leaders and their Network partner www.speakersonhealthcare.com to provide a wide range of choices and to give our experts the best exposure; along with tremendous experience (nearly 25 years), customized lists of ideas for corporations, associations, and civic groups--and awesome customer service. They are also the industry leader in providing top celebrities for fundraisers and large community events. We are proud and excited to have them as our Network Partners.


We have chosen what we believe to be the best-in-class in order to earn the right to be your one-stop-shop for all of your presentation needs.Look no further.

Our ultimate goal with the new “NETWORK” is to provide exceptional service(s) to both presenters exclusive to us – and to “buyers”. And to offer a turn-key and rewarding experience for everyone involved-- to make it EASY for you to achieve the best outcomes for your event!!


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